524 Project

My Art Is So Loud: The 524 Project connects a classroom of DC students with a classroom at Detroit’s Western High School using 21st century technology as students participate in a series of in-depth artistic workshops based on a curriculum developed jointly by Young Playwrights’ Theater (YPT) and Inside-Out.


During the 2013-2014 school year, teaching artists from each organization will pilot this groundbreaking, cross-disciplinary program in middle school classrooms in Detroit and Washington, DC, bridging the 524 miles through technology. By infusing playwriting with poetry, students will use “dramatic personae poetry” to share stories of the “known and unknown”– both prominent residents from their city’s history and the people they know and interact with on a daily basis, giving voice to residents from forgotten neighborhoods. Creative exchange between Detroit and DC will be facilitated via online chats, photo sharing and live video conferencing, allowing students to connect across cities and perform for one another remotely.

Students will create art that embodies their neighborhoods in a variety of forms, and their work will be performed live in both cities and shared online, igniting national conversations about each city’s past, present and future and combating stereotypes. YPT and iO will also publish student art created during the program in a book and on postcards and t-shirts, empowering students to distribute and sell their art citywide and donate the proceeds to a charity of their choice. My Art is So Loud: The 524 Project will infuse cities with the voices of local youth while showing students how they can use art to give voice to the voiceless and shape their cities and communities.


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October 15, 2013

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