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Doing it for Me

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Directors: Precious and Leah
Producer: Connor
Camera: Rick, Raseph, Connor
Sound: Helene, BB, Laith
Interviewers: Laith, Precious, Leah
Student Mentor: Forrest
Editors: Leah, Connor, Ellie, Julie
Teaching Artists: Ellie Walton, Julie Espinosa, Brandon Kramer, Lance Kramer
Music: Sam McCormally, Steve Steckler, Rob Smith 
Executive Producers: Brandon Kramer, Lance Kramer


Jessica and Victoria are two young women in Washington, DC who both dropped out of high school for personal and family reasons. When their best friend of many years, eighteen-year-old Precious Lambert, became deeply concerned that Jessica and Victoria were becoming ‘lost,’ she decided to do something about it. As a student in the youth documentary program at Sitar Arts Center, Precious and her classmates set out to use the process of creating a documentary to help tell their story and along the way, chart a new direction for Jessica and Victoria’s future. Doing it for Me is a film about the people who drop out of high school, who they really are deep inside, and what they want to achieve.

Doing it for Me is a unique youth-produced documentary, exploring the dropout crisis from a personal and introspective viewpoint. Rather than present faceless statistics, Doing it for Me offers an intimate and compassionate glimpse into the real experiences of high school dropouts as told by young people ourselves. As the majority of us are in high school, we hope Doing it for Me will shed light on a real topic that we feel passionate about and deeply connected to. We hope through learning about Jessica and Victoria's struggle and journey, our film will motivate young people who have dropped out to get back on-track and find new purpose in their lives.

There's more to high school drop-outs than you really think. And it's never too late to make a difference.

-- Leah Edwards, co-director, Doing it for Me


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Doing it for Me Premiere
September 17, 2013
Sitar Arts Center
Washington, DC

Youth Media and Action Summit
hosted by
Gandhi Brigade and REEL Works
August 7, 2013
Silver Spring Civic Center
Silver Spring, MD

Bethesda Film Fest
March 21-22, 2014
Imagination Stage

Annapolis Film Festival
March 27-30, 2014
Annapolis, MD

West Chester FIlm Festival
April 26, 2014
West Chester, PA

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