Produced for the musical ensemble Friction Quartet, this short film celebrates the joys of arts education, and the immeasurable value of music as a tool for expression and confidence-building.

The Need

Friction, an experimental string quartet based in San Francisco, takes a unique approach to classical music. Not only does the group incorporate mixed media and contemporary genres in their pieces, they also create dynamic and inviting atmospheres through community and school-based performances. Their ultimate goal in this approach is to welcome new audiences to engage with classical music. Friction identified that they can do this most effectively through educational concerts at schools; but, in order to secure opportunities to play in schools, Friction first needed to increase awareness of their approach.

The Strategy

After identifying Friction’s primary goals, our team suggested an approach that incorporated a short documentary film with strategic outreach on Facebook. By filming two performances, one community-based and one school-based, and interviews with the the quartet members, we created an artistic and visually compelling story that allows viewers a glimpse of Friction’s unique style. During film production, our producing team crafted an outreach plan that would work with Friction’s available resources. We set specific and measurable goals like reaching 1000 views and securing an article about Frictions school-based educational performance to indicate if the strategy was successful. To ensure the finished piece circulated to the target audiences, we created an action plan for the quartet members outlining specific tasks.

The Story

The four members of Friction Quartet share a love for classical music, a genre that does not enjoy the widespread appreciation it once did. Therefore, the group has taken it upon themselves to introduce classical music to new generations. By visiting elementary schools, and playing both classical and modern hits, the group hopes to instill youth with their love of string instruments and classical music. Without the musicians, their instruments would be useless, and, similarly, without friction the beautiful sounds produced by string instruments would not be possible. This film celebrates the joys of arts education, and the immeasurable value of music as a tool to build confidence, and express yourself.

The Results

Through strategic posting on Facebook and mobilizing Friction’s core supporters, the video reached the goal of 1,000 views within the first day. Two months after the release, the video had over 3,200 views and nearly 80 ‘likes’, vastly surpassing engagement metrics of any other video. A week after posting the video, Friction was highlighted in Examiner, an online publication with more than 20 million monthly readers.

The Team

Friction Quartet

  • Kevin Rogers - Violin

  • Otis Harriel - Violin

  • Taija Warbelow - Viola

  • Doug Machiz - Cello

Film Crew

  • Producer: Lance Kramer

  • Director: Brandon Kramer

  • Cinematographer & Editor: Ellie Walton

  • Sound Recording: Drew Kennedy & Matthew Weiner

  • Sound Editing: Drew Kennedy

  • Production Assistant and Assistant Editor: Allison Tim

  • Associate Producer: Lindsay Davis

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