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Wagin’ Peace

Wagin’ Peace Image

Director: Brandon Kramer
Producer: Lance Kramer
Editor: Cameron King


“Wagin’ Peace” is a remixed version of K’naan’s 2010 World Cup Anthem “Wavin’ Flag,” written and produced by young leaders from the Middle East, South Asia, and the United States. The song was the collaborative effort of Palestinian, Israeli, Jordanian, Egyptian, Indian, Pakistani, Afghan, and American young leaders who attended the Seeds of Peace International Camp in Maine.

The song is the product of an intensive, week-long partnership between Seeds of Peace and Meridian Hill Pictures. During the second session of Camp, teaching artists from Meridian Hill Pictures and Seeds of Peace staff designed a project to provide Seeds with a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the filmmaking and creative process. Using K’naan’s version as a guide, Seeds developed their own original concept for the song and music video. In just three days, driven by pure effort and enthusiasm, they wrote and recorded “Wagin’ Peace." They wrote lyrics in English, Arabic, and Hebrew, focusing on a message that could communicate their transformative and unifying experiences at Camp to their home communities and people around the world. In the Camp’s “music shack,” the Seeds learned about music production and recorded their own vocals and instrumental tracks. The entire song was recorded with all new instrumentation played by the Seeds and counselors. It features Middle Eastern instruments like the oud (lute), mijwiz (double reed clarinet), and the tablah (hand drum).

“The Seeds of Peace take on my song Wavin’ Flag really moved me,” says K’naan. “It shows that it’s less about our starting points, and much more about the belief that no matter how tiresome and long the race may be, by staying the course we can change our world. I love the ambition and the beautiful group of young people who came together to do this. I am honored. Thank you.”

Design & Development by Velocity | Illustrations by Steven Weinberg Studios