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Director: Brandon Kramer
Producer: Lance Kramer
Editor: Edwin Martinez
Associate Producer: Lindsay Davis
Cinematographers: Brandon Kramer, Ellie Walton
Assistant Editor: Jen Quintana

501(c)(3) Non-profit Fiscal Sponsor: Kartemquin Films 


Green Corps (working title) is a new documentary chronicling the people impacted by the DC Green Corps, a green job training program created by the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act. With a focus on two long-term unemployed blue-collar workers who attempt to break a cycle of drugs and hustling, Green Corps explores how urban forestry and community-based green works and job training projects have impacted struggling Americans and communities hardest hit by economic decline. A film about normal people fighting to provide for themselves, their families and environment, Green Corps offers a critical new perspective on the impact of the largest domestic policy in a century, focusing on the challenges of retraining America’s working poor for a volatile and unpredictable 21st century economy.

Filmed in an observational, verité style, combined with personal reflections and video diaries filmed on HD pocket camcorders by the characters themselves, Green Corps captures an intimate, firsthand portrait of the complicated landscape that staff, trainees and community members navigate as they attempt to rebuild public parks, local economies and lives. The film explores the relationship between urban communities and their public green spaces, chronicling how the parks, rivers and streams have undergone periods of extreme decline and how restoration work in the urban parks intersects with broader community change. This dynamic relationship between urban people and their natural surroundings is at the core of the story.

Supported in part by the United States Forest Service, District Department of Transportation, Bancroft Foundation and the All Souls Beckner Fund.


Watch the Green Corps transmedia prototype developed during the 2012 AFI Silverdocs/LivingDocs transmedia 'Hackathon' sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation, ITVS, Tribeca Film Institute, BAVC and the American University Center for Social Media.




American University Center for Social Media
2013 Media That Matters Conference
February 14, 2013
Washington, DC

Corps Network Annual Conference
February 11, 2013
Washington, DC

2012 AFI SILVERDOCS Hackathon Panel
June 21, 2012
Silver Spring, MD



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Meridian Hill Pictures is currently accepting donations to support completion of Green Corps. All donors will be acknowledged in the credits of the film.

Please make checks payable to our non-profit fiscal sponsor: Kartemquin Films

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Partner Organizations



    DC Urban Forestry Administration


           Bancroft Foundation


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