Shauna’s Hope

Co-produced with nonprofit Shauna Rose Kaufman Foundation. One family’s fight to honor their late daughter’s memory by by raising awareness about organ and tissue donation.

The Story: Shauna Rose Kaufman, a fiery teenager, always stood up for what she knew was right. Shauna chose to be an organ donor because she understood her choice as a simple act of compassion where one person can positively impact another. On June 18th 2009, Shauna lost her life in a fatal crash, when her car lost control on a rain-slicked road. A mistake that evening prevented Shauna’s wish to be an organ donor from being fulfilled. These tragic events ignited the Kaufman family's commitment to raise awareness about organ and tissue donation as a way to continue Shauna’s legacy. In parallel with the Kaufman family's story of healing, Shauna's Hope profiles a patient waiting for an organ donation. The film offers an intimate lens into the other side of organ donations, from the perspective of the person fortunate enough to receive the 'Gift of Life.' The story in Shauna’s Hope is driven by the Kaufman family’s journey, as they seek to make meaningful change while simultaneously handling the death of a loved one. For a young woman, Shauna’s life was rich and full of accomplishment. For Amy, Ian, and Holly Kaufman, her life and her work were only the beginning.


  • Director: Ellie Walton
  • Producer: Lance Kramer
  • Cinematographer & Editor: Ellie Walton
  • Music: Steve Steckler


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