Vuela, Vuela Mariposa

A media education project created with kindergarteners at the Mundo Verde bilingual public charter school.

During the spring of 2012, Meridian Hill Pictures facilitated a media education project with kindergarteners at the Mundo Verde bilingual public charter school in Northwest Washington DC. Meridian Hill Pictures teaching artists worked with classroom teacher Berenice Pernalete and the students to create a short film about the habitat, lifecycle and migration of monarch butterflies. With a teaching program based off the expeditionary learning educational philosophy, Mundo Verde students spend three months each semester in an in-depth exploration of a given subject area. MHP Teaching Artists worked with Berenice and the Expeditionary Learning School Designer to customize a curriculum for their final product in which creating a film was the culmination of a semester-long expedition all about monarch butterflies.

To create the film, students wrote the dialogue, designed and built the sets, costumes and props, and acted. In keeping with the linguistic mission of the school, the film is fully bilingual, with Spanish dialogue and English subtitles. As part of the media education project, the students were presented with information about the Monarch Butterflies loss of  habitat in DC and Michoacán, Mexico.  In discussing how the students can work together to address this loss of habitat, the students decided to create the film as a powerful tool to help raise awareness in preserving monarch butterfly habitats and confronting deforestation.

The film premiered at the Mundo Verde annual year-end showcase and has also been shared at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, DC.


Presentation for World Environment Day
June 5, 2012
Mexican Cultural Institute
2829 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009

Mundo Verde PCS Annual Showcase
May 31, 2012
3220 16th St NW
Washington, DC 20010

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