6 Day — Mundo Verde PCS

Through a six-day training, MHP teaching artists helped build individual teacher and school-wide capacity for creative media arts integration at Mundo Verde Public Charter School.

The Project: MHP trained a cohort of 12 PreK-3rd grade teachers in advanced video storytelling skills to meet core curriculum objectives. In the training, MHP teaching artists taught each of the participating Mundo Verde teachers how to create their own 'authentic voice' short video exploring why each person decided to become a teacher. MHP then worked with teachers to develop a customized framework for incorporating media arts into our school’s Expeditionary Learning curriculum, bolstering the school’s overall capacity for using video (particularly the school’s iPads) as a tool to document instruction, student and teacher assessment, and self-reflection. Topics focused on the practice and use of videoconferencing to communicate with staff, parents, and experts, enhancing student research and analysis by using film to survey and document findings in their fieldwork, filming student presentations, group work and video journaling for assessment, and the practice of organizing and uploading media to video sharing sites. After teachers participated in the training themselves, the teachers integrated their newly-developed media arts strategies into a community mapping ‘expedition' for their students. In the expeditions, students explored and engaged with the community around their new school building through video.

Videos created by participants:

The Team:

  • Producers: Brandon Kramer and Lance Kramer
  • Lead Teaching Artist: Aqiyla Thomas
  • Participating Teachers: Derek, Jaime, Sarah, Emilia, Fares, Dani, Victor, Diana, Paula, Rocio, Isadora, Berenice

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During a week-long cross-cultural media education residency, youth from the Middle East, South Asia and the United States worked with MHP to write and produce their own music video. Produced for Seeds of Peace.
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Since 2010, MHP has collaborated with the Kennedy Center on a youth documentary production and media literacy program at the Arts & Technology Academy (ATA) where 4th + 5th graders produce short documentaries with an arts-focus.
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