Community Video Storytelling

Community Video Storytelling is built on the idea that when individuals from a community come together to share stories of critical importance from diverse perspectives, a broad and powerful portrait of a community's hopes and concerns can emerge. 


Recent advances in video technology — particularly the ability to easily capture, edit and share video using mobile devices — has made this form of storytelling more accessible than ever before.

The youth participants in the 2014 Community Video Storytelling residency at Sitar Arts Center are working as community 'cartographers' to collect reflections from local community members on neighborhood change. These 'micro-stories' — created using solely iPads/iMovie for filming and editing — will be presented together on a map interface. The interactive format will draw deep connections between the diverse perspectives of community members and the localities tied to these experiences.

The Community Video Storytelling program offers youth participants a unique opportunity to improve their media literacy, civic engagement, and digital media skills in a supportive, project-based setting.

Watch more videos from the final class project 

Read our Teaching Artist's reflection on the class

Student Crew

Students: Ra, Jessica, Laith, Helene
Media Teaching Artist: Saaret Yoseph
Transmedia Specialist: Sara Fusco
Teaching Assistant: Leah Edwards
Producer: Brandon Kramer
Executive Producer: Lance Kramer

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