An entrepreneur and an artist transform complicated reports into engaging visual tools for communication. Produced for Graphicacy.

The Need

Graphicacy, a DC-based data visualization company, was founded to bring together art and information in a way that encourages audiences to more deeply explore complex issues.  Five years into the business, the company had built a strong portfolio, and knew it’s unique and personal approach to data communication was at the core of its strengths. However, as a small company in a niche market, reaching target clients is a challenge. The people at Graphicacy needed to clearly identify their strategic and personal approach to dataviz in a way that would allow them to connect with ideal clients more easily.

The Strategy

Through multiple conversations our team worked with Graphicacy to deeply understand their goals, challenges and resources. We agreed that a short video introducing new audiences to the work and people behind Graphicacy would be an excellent tool for reaching target clients. More personal than a highlight reel, a video focused on the story of Graphicacy– and the thought and people behind it– would illustrate the company's attention to storytelling and customer service. The final video was delivered with a strategic outreach plan with guidance on how to share the video to ultimately reach key clients. 

The Story

Although Graphicacy is relatively new, the founder, Nathaniel Pearlman, can trace his interest in both building things and data analysis back through the decades. When deciding on his second business venture, after selling his software company, he revisited these interests finding the combination of information and design in dataviz to be a natural fit. With the launch of Graphicacy, Nathaniel sought out team members with complementary robust backgrounds in art design and storytelling. Highlights of past projects and conversations with core team members illustrate how Graphicacy's approach draws on the team's diverse backgrounds in statistics, programming, data analysis, journalism, design and advertising/marking revealing the craft and culture of the company. 

The Impact

"The live action video that Meridian Hill Pictures produced for the Graphicacy team has added a new dimension to our website and has been helpful in our outreach to potential new clients and hires. Graphicacy is a small, specialized and somewhat eclectic group working in a highly technical niche informed and enlivened by visual journalism, design and storytelling. This short documentary-style film, in tandem with our online body of work, helps communicate not only what we do but also adds an important humanizing detail around our origins, the personality of the team as well as the environment we work in." — Jeffrey Osborne, Creative Director, Graphicacy

The Team

  • Producer: Lance Kramer
  • Director: Hanna Stawicki
  • Director of Photography: Emily Wathen
  • Sound Recordist: Drew Kennedy 
  • Production Assistant: Peter Kowen
  • Associate Producer: Lindsay Davis

The Client

Graphicacy is a DC-based data visualization and information graphics design company that was founded to bring together art and information in a way that encourages audiences to more deeply explore complex issues.

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