Jubliee JumpStart

Produced for Jubilee JumpStart, this video shares three different stories about the impact that the early childhood center has had on three neighborhood families.

The Need

To energize its community and motivate donors, Jubilee JumpStart sought to better communicate the personal impact of the organization on the parents and children it serves. Jubilee JumpStart commissioned MHP to produce this video to serve as an anchor at its annual fundraising breakfast. They wanted to highlight their three primary programs and illustrate the organization's deep respect and empathy for the people they serve. We set out to produce a story that could be used as an authentic community-building tool capturing the spirit, warmth, and dedication of the organization and motivator for people to make financial contributions and propel Jubilee JumpStart into the next year of programming.

The Story

Isabelle Tin-Aung had her son, Anders, when she was 41. For her, it has been a struggle being an older mother, but she has found a support system at Jubilee JumpStart. More importantly, she has found a place where Anders has the potential to always be in a constant state of learning, even when he was first put into the center at eight months old. After getting to know the Center and watching the teachers take care of the children, Isabelle feels her son is in very good hands.

Asia Harden is a 27 year-old single mother who works overnight from 11pm-7am. Each morning when she comes home from work, she gets her daughter, Sherease, ready for school. Growing up, Asia was not close to her mother, and so she has a strong desire to have a close bond with her own daughter. Asia wants her daughter to be independent and focused on her future. When Sherease first started the program, she was shy and quiet, but Jubilee JumpStart helped break her out of her shell. By the time she began elementary school, she was already ahead in reading, letters and numbers.

Dominique Spencer was born and raised in DC and has two children: Devin and Brayden. A parent teaching staff member at Jubilee JumpStart, Dominique looks for opportunities to enrich her children's education and shares her knowledge of JJS programs with other parents and families.

Collectively, their stories show how support networks among parents, children and caregivers strengthens families and communities.

The Team

  • Producer: Lance Kramer
  • Director + Editor: Chithra Jeyaram
  • Director of Photography: Stanley Staniski
  • Sound Recordist: Drew Kennedy
  • Production Assistant: Kate McCormick

The Client

Jubilee JumpStart is a nonprofit high-quality early childhood center supporting low-income children and families in Adam Morgan. JJS works to ensure that each child has the social, emotional, and cognitive skills to build a healthy, meaningful life. Acknowledging that children learn in the context of relationships, Jubilee JumpStart also focuses on building a network of nurturing and supportive adults in the community by fostering the bonds between parent and child and child and caregiver.

Recognizing that while many low-income parents want the best for their child, not all have the tools and support to meet all their child’s needs. Jubilee JumpStart is not only an early childcare center, but a parent education resource as well. They work to strengthen families and communities, as well as empowering families to move up and out of poverty by helping children and parents realize their educational and career opportunities. 

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