La Expedición

La Expedición follows the growth, progression, challenges and successes in two classrooms during the first year of teaching at the new Mundo Verde Public Charter School.

The Story

La Expedición follows Molly & Berenice, as they design and implement a learning expedition in the Expeditionary Learning model. La Expedición travels back and forth between behind-the-scenes preparation and inside the classroom implementation of the expedition lessons, capturing a diversity of teacher and student perspectives. In both English and Spanish, La Expedición walks through key experiential moments in a learning expedition, from the kick-off experience, efforts to build background knowledge, case studies, fieldwork, collaborative work with experts and a final student showcase. La Expedición offers an in-depth window into the culture of the classroom and a window into the impact of Expeditionary Learning on students, teachers and the school community.

The Team

  • Director: Brandon Kramer
  • Producer: Lance Kramer
  • Cinematographer: Ellie Walton
  • Editor: Ellie Walton
  • Assistant Editors: Kate Flannery, Jonna McKone, Zoe Schein
  • Music: Sam McCormally
  • Sound: John Dillon
  • Audio Mixer: Corey Marsello
  • Special thanks to: Molly Howard & Berenice Pernalete

The Client

Mundo Verde Public Charter School. Mundo Verde aims to foster high levels of academic achievement among a diverse group of students by preparing them to be successful and compassionate global stewards of their communities.  The engaging curriculum focuses on sustainability and biliteracy.


Nurture a child outdoors: Take a walk together in Rock Creek Park

Understand more deeply how food grows everywhere: Plant something
edible in your backyard or visit an urban farm (Common Good

Grow your understanding of best practices at other schools: Explore the Expeditionary Learning Schools website, visit a green or bilingual school in your area, read Center for Applied Linguistics materials on bilingual education

Change expectations of what a young child can accomplish: Share our student products with someone who cares about education

Help us tell our story: Host a community screening of La Expedición in your own community!


In American Schools, What is Quality Work?
Education Week
by Sam Chaltain
May 9, 2013

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