MHP Intern Speaks at TEDxYouth

On May 28th 2014, Meridian Hill Pictures intern and student film director Leah Edwards gave a talk at TEDxYouth@ColumbiaHeights entitled “Storytelling Superheroes: We Are Our Stories.” Below is a version of the speech edited for our blog.

By Leah Edwards

Not too long ago, I declared a new life mission: being a voice for the voiceless and the underprivileged, particularly for young people. I found that youth voices are largely underrepresented in media. Youth can’t vote and adults often speak for you.

I never realized that media could empower and improve the lives of young adults in DC. I learned this over the past year through an opportunity to collaborate with Meridian Hill Pictures and The Sitar Arts Center to create a documentary film.

I remember coming into the class at Sitar and not liking documentaries at all. A childhood dream of mine was to make films and star in them; I wanted to be a superhero. At the time, I wanted to make movies with explosions and things blowing up - you know, Hollywood stuff.

Then it occurred to me that, in a way, by not caring about documentaries or the stories they told, I also wasn’t caring about my community. So I went along with the Sitar class, thinking, “What have I got to lose?”

The result was Doing It for Me:

Through watching Precious, my co-director on Doing It for Me, reach out to her friends Jessica and Victoria, who had dropped out of high school, and inspire them to pursue their education, I witnessed firsthand how filmmaking can empower lives. Jessica and Victoria’s stories are a reminder of film’s capacity to amplify underrepresented voices and challenge stigmas.

So here’s my message to young filmmakers and change makers:

Share your story. With more access to media and technology than ever before, we as young people have the power to shape our world. You don’t need a superhero cape or a Hollywood budget to create change. Give the world your voice.

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Doing It for Me Completes Spring Festival Run

MHP students and filmmakers at the 2014 West Chester Film Festival. From left: Victoria, Precious, Jayana, and Leah Over the past two months, Meridian Hill Pictures’ short student doc Doing It for Me screened at three local film festivals: Bethesda Film Fest, Annapolis Film Festival, and West Chester Film Festival. The film tells the intimate story of two high school students who have dropped out and their best friend who encourages them to improve their circumstances.
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'Doing it for Me' premieres at Sitar Arts Center

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