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Ethics, artistry and truth

We produce films that attempt to tell deeply-honest and personal stories about diverse groups of people navigating complex contemporary social issues. We strive to make films that demonstrate excellence in storytelling craft, establish trust with participants and partners, strategic thinking, and a deep embrace of documentary ethics. We often spend years building close relationships with the participants in our films, and try to explore the nuances, paradoxes, contradictions and 'messy truths' that embody their lived experiences. MHP’s work seeks to raise awareness of pressing social issues, democratize the medium, build people’s storytelling capacity, and strategically share under-represented community perspectives with broad audiences. Our film CITY OF TREES was broadcast nationally on PBS; played at renowned festivals including Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, St. Louis International Film Festival and the Yale, Princeton and DC Environmental Film Festivals; and is available to stream on Netflix and iTunes. We have produced award-winning commercial short-form documentaries and video storytelling trainings with dozens of non-profit, educational, public and corporate partners. In 2014, MHP received the DC Mayor's Arts Award, the highest honor given to working artists in the District of Columbia.

Brandon Kramer


Brandon is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and artistic director/co-founder of MHP. Brandon is the director of the feature documentary CITY OF TREES, which played at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, was nationally broadcast on PBS' America Reframed and is now streaming on Netflix and iTunes. Brandon directed the Webby Award-winning documentary series THE MESSY TRUTH WITH VAN JONES, released on Van's Facebook page and CNN.com just before the 2016 election to over 4 million viewers. Brandon is the winner of the Best Director award at the 2016 Chesapeake Film Festival and Indie Capital Awards, received the Audience Choice Award at the 2015 American Conservation Film Festival and was a 2015 DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities Individual Arts Fellow. Since 2010, Brandon has directed and produced over 30 short documentaries commissioned by government agencies and nonprofits including the AARP Foundation, the US Institute of Peace and the International Baccalaureate. Before starting MHP, Brandon served as a staff teaching artist for the John F. Kennedy Center’s national media education program. Brandon holds a bachelor’s degree in film production and cultural anthropology from Boston University. 

Lance Kramer


Lance is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and executive director/co-founder of MHP. Lance produced the feature-length documentary CITY OF TREES (Official Selection 2016 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, National Broadcast on PBS series America Reframed, released on Netflix in May 2017). Lance produced the Webby Award-winning documentary series THE MESSY TRUTH WITH VAN JONES, released on Van's Facebook page and CNN.com to over 4 million viewers. In 2014, Lance received the prestigious DC Mayor’s Arts Award from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, the highest honor bestowed upon working artists in the city. Lance has served two terms as Board Member of Docs in Progress, and was a DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities Individual Arts Fellow in 2015. In 2017, Lance was selected to the 2017 Impact Partners Documentary Producers Fellowship cohort and in 2018 Lance was a fellow at the Sundance Creative Producers Summit. Lance holds a bachelor’s degree in history and film from Dartmouth College.

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