Washington Ballet

A series of three videos to mark the 40th anniversary of The Washington Ballet and introduction of new artistic director Julie Kent.

The Washington Ballet stands as a unique artistic institution in Washington DC for its visionary excellence in performance, teaching and enlightenment through dance. TWB is a diverse and multi-faceted organization, with a 40-year history filled with countless personal stories.

To mark The Washington Ballet's 40th anniversary, we produced a series of three short films each marking distinct periods in TWB's history: The Mary Day Years (the past), The Septime Weber Years (the present), and the Julie Kent Years (the future). The series of three vignettes helped to create a harmonious artistic bridge between the dynamic visions for the company over the years. The pieces were premiered at a major performance at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in September 2016.


Director: Ellie Walton
Producer: Brandon Kramer
Executive Producer: Lance Kramer
Cinematographer: Brett Wiley
Editor: Ellie Walton

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