Independent Films

Independent Films

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We produce independent documentary films and series for broad distribution via festivals, broadcast, VOD, educational and theatrical.

Commercial Shorts

Commercial Shorts

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We produce short films commissioned by organizations to humanize the impact of services, programs, and raise awareness of pressing issues.



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We produce documentary series that tell people-centered stories in an episodic format ideal for the web and digital distribution. 

Proudly based in Washington, DC since 2010

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Our team


Our award-winning team of independent filmmakers is passionate about bringing excellence in documentary storytelling to every project. We are a diverse and inclusive team and take pride in our studio culture as one that respects people of all races, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, and national origins.

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What People Are Saying



Giovanna Chesler, Director of Film & Video Studies, George Mason University

"An expertly crafted, intimately rendered, verité documentary...the film closely examines how race and class difference functions, and the real tensions between wanting to change and improve the environment with the urgent need to secure good jobs for one’s family, safety and well-being.”

Pat_Aufderheide.JPGPatricia Aufderheide, Professor,
American University School of Communication

"CITY OF TREES is a richly nuanced, well-told story at the intersection of environmental, economic, cultural and racial concerns; this is the film to challenge anyone bringing one-dimensional solutions to urban development...anyone interested in the complex challenges of "helping others" will find deep insights in this parable of human aspiration."

Chris Haley, Director of the Study of the Legacy of Slavery in Maryland, Maryland State Archives

"This handsomely shot story makes its viewers intimate observers of the emotional journeys experienced by both the project leaders and the hired staff who passionately grab at this opportunity to improve their lives."

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Studio News

City of Trees   

City of Trees on Netflix, iTunes and Amazon

We are thrilled to announce CITY OF TREES launched on Netflix streaming to more than 50 million subscribers! The film is also now available to rent or purchase on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Vudu!
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Interview with Director of Production, Michelle Aguilar

Our outreach and distribution intern Marjan Koffa sat down with Michelle Aguilar, MHP’s director of production at MHP, to talk more about Michelle’s background. Get to know our awesome director of production  in this blog post that highlights how Michelle got her start in documentary filmmaking, the story behind her short film El Cacao and insights she has for other filmmakers.
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Studio News   

No Roadmap: Reflections From an Aspiring Documentary Film Producer

I didn’t go to film school. Instead, I started fundraising for public radio after college and stumbled into documentary film by accident while trying to go in a more creative direction with my career. 
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